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"Anything is possible if you've got enough nerve." JK Rowling

Knowing yourself and knowing who you are is a superpower these days. I feel that if you want to be an artist; a truly innovative, diverse, even revolutionary artist, a person must know themselves better than they know anything or anyone else. I believe that if you willing to boldly step into who you are you in honesty and love, creativity (whatever the medium may be) is inevitable. We were after all, created to create.


I can’t help but create. It’s in my blood. It is who I am.
A Divine Calling I feel to the core of my very being. 


Art is meant to make you feel something.

Why can’t it make you feel happiness, possibility, and authenticity? Something new and meaningful?

Art that is not defined by society, the brand-new fad, or even the current (yet temporary) negative circumstance that you may going through.

My goal is to create art that does make you feel something. 

Art that reminds you of who you are (not the version of yourself that the world demands). Art that pushes you to discover yourself again,

to love again, to feel true joy again, to be bold and bright. 

Art that prompts you to be a kid. 
Art that emphasizes that limits are only placed by the fearful and indifferent. 
Art that reminds you that you can start again, and again, and again. 


My art technique is a mix of ripped paper collage and a layer of oil paint. I use everything from magazines & newspaper to sheet music and old books. Recently, I started adding thin layers of oil paint in certain spots over the top of my collages to bring emphasis and color saturation as well as even more texture. I use paint brushes as well as my fingers directly on the canvas. The texture and color created with this technique is profound and eye catching.

And it makes me happier than just about anything. ♥

Me Holding Stag.JPG
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